Concrete Foundations

The stability of the foundation of your home/project and the safety of your family go hand in hand. Sinking floors, doors coming ajar or becoming stuck, cracks in a fireplace mantel, cinderblocks crumbling and cracks in the foundation of your home are a few of the many signs that your foundation is in need of repair or restoration.

You can rely on the experience of Odell Complete Concrete to identify exactly what it will take to stabilize your foundation and address all structural issues related to settling floors and slabs, cracked concrete and sinking foundations. For all your home repairs and maintenance, you want a service provider with integrity that you can rely on. Odell Complete Concrete’s staff is friendly, family-oriented and passionate about the safety of your home. Based out of the Fountain VAlley, CA we serve all of Orange County. Call us today for your FREE estimate at (714)454-7637