Stamped Concrete

Although stamped concrete is often faster and more convenient to install than brick or stone, it’s still a complicated process requiring the right tools, materials, expertise and jobsite conditions to ensure a successful outcome. A lot of steps are involved in stamping concrete, and crews only have a short window of time to complete them before the fresh concrete begins to harden. In addition to placing and impressing each stamp, they must broadcast color hardener over the surface and apply a release agent to the stamps so they won’t stick. After the concrete sets, more work must be done, including installing joints, doing detail work, and applying a sealer.

Even before the work begins, Odell Complete Concrete are experts in good planning and preparation. We strive to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is particularly important on large stamped concrete projects. Call us today, 1-714-454-7637 for a FREE estimate on your project.